Moonrise Kingdom - Critic Review **** (4/5)

It's true that the director Wes Anderson has an eccentric vision for cinema. After a really great break from creating an animation film, "Fantastic Mr Fox", he (Wes Anderson) is back to fiction filming by creating Moonrise Kingdom. You can find out old-fashioned moments in every film of this director. But in this film retro is a unique expression and reality for the heroes of Moonrise Kingdom. We're back in the year 1965 where two 12 year old kids feels the first move of love deeply inside them for each other and not only this but also a revolutionary feeling that push them to escape from their conservative and oppressive world. They are having as supply an old fashioned record player, one single record of Fracoize Hardy and their camping equipment, they begin a crazy journey for their independence, an allegory about America in the 60's  before the end of innocence and the explosion of the great movement - controversy by one generation.

Even if Anderson doesn't have the target to express an allegory with his images,  however this feeling is very clear for everyone because of the time and the heroes of the film. Simply Moonrise Kingdom is a fairytale where the young heroes of the story express their feelings and their dreams. On the contrary, adult heroes of the film seem to be like scared children. A special mention for the music of Alexander Desplat that helps in the film atmosphere with a music suite and of course Anderson's choice about B. Britten.


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