"The Capsule", new film by Athina Tsangari in Locarno FF

"Atenberg" travelled all around the world and won a lot of prizes and very warm critics. And now it's time for the new film by Athina Rachel Tsangari. I'm really thinking that there is possibly a connection or else something in common between "Petra Going", "Atenberg" and "The Capsule", the title for the new film by Tsangari. The Capsule is a Greek Gothic mystery inspired by the work of the young Polish artist Aleksandra Waliszewska.

The story of Capsule: Seven young women. A mansion perched on a Cycladic rock. A series of lessons on discipline, desire, discovery, and disappearance. A melancholy, inescapable cycle on the brink of womanhood — infinitely.

Along with the film, Athina Tsingari presented an art installation of the same name in Documenta, the famous modern and contemporary art exhibition in Kassel, Germany. 

"The Capsule" is going to be hosted the world premiere in Locarno Film Festival, in a few weeks.


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